On Karthik and Naira's meeting, the producer broke his silence, saying,
On Karthik and Naira's meeting, the producer broke his silence, saying, "We have something good..."

One after another twist in TV's most spectacular show 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' has tied people up. The show has been winning hearts for many years, but this time people have told the show's producers that it's a bad time and it's because of the lack of work.

Yes, these days the show continues to rank first in TRP ratings, and after a 5-year leap to the show, the story has gained momentum, making everyone happy. While Karthik is married to Vedika on the show, Karthik-Naira's track of meeting is also getting a big hit among the audience.

Naira will take Kairav away from Karthik for Vedika's happiness; know the big twist!

On the other hand, the makers are being fiercely trolled for separating Karthik-Naira and abusing them one after the other. Pankhuri is playing the role of Vedika is continuously getting hate mails and is being hated by the people. In the past, #RIPDirectorsKutProductions was trending on Twitter and that is why the show's producer Rajan Shahi's statement on Kartik-Naira's reunion has now surfaced.

Yes, recently, he said: "We know that fans are angry. We respect their feeling. But they should pay attention to the inappropriate words used for the person playing the reel character. I am against such fan behavior. I know people are connected to the show. Karthik-Naira can't see a third person coming in," he said.

Now the real battle to happen between Karthik and Naira; Vedika will take advantage!

At the same time, he further said, "I make one thing clear that nobody can come between Kaira. But we just need a little time. It is expected that Karthik-Naira's reunion will take place soon. We have something good for the audience," says Karthik-Naira, who are living together for their son's sake, and Vedika is beginning to fill with hatred. That's where Vedika's character is going to be negative.

Naira will answer all questions of Karthik but will still remain alone!

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