Soon Naira's departure from Karthik and Vedika's life, fans will be shocked!

Sep 19 2019 04:31 PM
Soon Naira's departure from Karthik and Vedika's life, fans will be shocked!

The serial 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' from TV's very popular channel Star Plus is quite popular among the audience these days. In such a situation, the new twist coming in the show these days keeps the enthusiasm of the audience and these days the show is showing that "Vedika is jealous of Karthik-Naira's growing proximity." Fans of the show are upset with Vedika's arrival in Kaira's life." According to the latest media reports," Naira will be gone forever from Karthik-Vedika's life. "

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If reports are to be believed then the show will show that "Vedika blames Naira for spoiling her marriage to Karthik". Vedika asks the family for her rights. She accuses Naira of using Kairav to get close to Karthik. Naira gets upset due to this and she apologizes to Vedika and promises Vedika that she will leave this house soon. There are big dramas in the show one after the other which are making the show interesting.

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On the other hand, it is being shown in the show that the truth of Akhilesh and Lisa's relationship has been revealed. Knowing about Akhilesh's affair, the entire Goenka family is shocked and Grandma slaps Akhilesh. "With this," Vedika is not happy seeing Karthik and Naira together and thinks of a way to separate them. Vedika also taunts Naira about Karthik.

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