Forgetting everything, Karthik will accept Naira once again, Vedika to exit the show!
Forgetting everything, Karthik will accept Naira once again, Vedika to exit the show!

These days, TV's very famous show 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' is being shown with full of twists. At such a time, the fans of this show are very eager to know when will Naira and Karthik meet again? Naira and Karthik are in front of each other after five years in the show but Vedika has arrived between them and both have separated. In such a situation, Naira and Karthik are living under the same roof for the happiness of their son and both are somehow hiding their filings from each other. Now according to a report, once again Karthik will ask Naira "Why did she turn her face away without saying anything?"

According to the report, the upcoming episode will show that Karthik wants to start his new life together with Naira and Kairav. Now in such a situation, it will be fun to see how Vedika and Dadi are going to react after listening to Karthik's decision? Yes, now in the upcoming episode it will also be shown that "Kairav will come to know that his mother and father have separated from each other." After knowing the truth, he will insist on marrying Naira and Karthik again. Not only this, Kairav will also start preparations for Naira and Karthik's wedding.

Actually, there were reports in the past that Naira will go home with Carav in the show, but it is not going to happen. At the same time, the entire focus of the show is on Akhilesh and Lisa's Extra Marital Affair, where soon Naira is going to find out about Akhilesh and Lisa's affair.

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