Karthik and Naira will come together to save Kairav but then...

Aug 20 2019 11:20 AM
Karthik and Naira will come together to save Kairav but then...

TV's very fantastic serials Yeh Rishta... is coming with one after another twist. In yesterday's episode of the show, Karthik and Naira stand in front of the operation theatre and then grandma, standing in front of God dreams that she is playing with Kairav at home. Then Manish tells the grandmother something and breaks her dream.

On the other hand, Naira asks Karthik if Kairav will be cured, Karthik tells her that he is a strong child and will recover soon. Naira then tells Karthik that he wanted to meet him. Naira then sees doctors injecting a life-saving injection.

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She gets scared and tells Karthik about the injection. In a short while, they see that the people who were brought to the emergency fall and get scared. Then the housemate asks Karthik and tells him the whole thing and he gets upset. Karthik and Naira rush to take injections. The doctor calls Naira and asks if those people got the injection because Kairav has little time.

After that, Naira and Karthik go to every hospital in the city to find out the injections, but they are nowhere to be found. That's where injections are hard to find in a store but it's already bought by someone. Naira, on the other hand, begs to give the injections to them, but she does not believe and then Karthik also goes there and tells both of them that by the time the child is operated tomorrow, he will get the injection from Delhi and both of them will get enough.

'Yeh Rishta...' will see the big truth of these two important characters!

Karthik and Naira take injections and get out of the place and Karthik's car becomes uncontrollable. Then Naira gets off the car and has the injection in her hand. Somehow both of them come out of the way and come on the way. In the same operation theatre, the doctor fears that something may happen to Kairav and that the house is upset at the hospital how Kairav will be cured.

On the set of 'Yeh Rishta...' All are bothered by Naira's antics, Karthik revealed!

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