Karthik-Naira will sleep on the same bed and then Vedika will come in the room…
Karthik-Naira will sleep on the same bed and then Vedika will come in the room…

The story of the serial 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' has taken an interesting twist and twists are coming one after the other in the story. On the one hand, the truth of Akhilesh and Lisa's affair has been revealed in front of the whole family, on the other hand, on the other hand, seeing the closeness of Naira and Karthik, Vedika is being broken inside.

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Yes, right now there will be a lot of uproar in the upcoming episodes of the show. According to the information, Naira and Karthik will put Kairav to sleep together and during this time Kartik will ask Naira about Kairav's childhood, while Naira and Kartik's eyes will become sleepy while talking to Kairav and in the middle of this, Kairav will go to play with Vansh. 

After that Naira and Karthik will hold each other's hand and you can see in this picture both are sleeping together. At the same time, when any of the family members see them in this condition, then there will be a ruckus. At the same time, after seeing Kairav coming out of the room, Vedika will ask him, where is Naira? Kairav will tell Vedika that her mother is sleeping near Papa and upon hearing this, Vedika's senses fly away and seeing Naira and Karthik together on the same bed will shock Vedika.

Soon Naira's departure from Karthik and Vedika's life, fans will be shocked!

According to the information received, Vedika will not be able to understand what is happening to her after that. And Vedika will feel trapped and she will be emotional there. After that Vedika will go to Naira and shout on her and not only that she will ask Naira to go away from Goenka House.

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