Yemen is still starving in terms of food and hunger

Sep 18 2020 09:17 AM
Yemen is still starving in terms of food and hunger

The country of Yemen is facing more and more famine-like situations in recent times. Due to constant war-like situations in the country, children and looking people there are dying daily because of malnutrition in the country's hospitals. In a pediatric ward shown by a leading British broadcaster, mothers were seen sitting along with their severely malnourished children. The lady there already lost one daughter. Now, she fears for her other daughter's life. For another mother, those fears come out as true.

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The Hospital staff tries to console the lady after her baby passes away. Mere food would have been sufficient to prevent this death. But two-thirds of the population relies on food aid in a country with more than 3 million internally displaced people. Since 2014, Yemen’s conflict has killed more than 100,000 people. The nation has also been plagued by the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 2,000 cases confirmed until now.

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Recently on this surging issue, The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said at a high-level meeting on Thursday that the estimation takes into account that “war has decimated the country’s facilities.” He further stated that more than five years of war has reversed development in Africa’s poorest country “by decades,” left state institutions at “the verge of collapse.” Guterres added that despite initial expressions of support by the warring parties to his call on March 23 for a global cease-fire to deal with the pandemic, “the conflict continues unabated” and “in recent weeks, the conflict has unfortunately escalated.”

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