Yin - Yang: The Philosophy of Life

DR. PARUL SHARDA - There are two fundamental principles in Taoism, a Chinese philosophy. Out of the two, one is passive, earthy, dark, cold, wet and feminine. It is called ‘Yin’. The other is described as positive, bright, heavenly, active, dry and masculine and it is called ‘Yang’. Both these principles, Yin and Yang, complement each other perfectly and bring balance between intellect and emotions in an individual.

Life doesn’t come with a user manual, explaining How, What, When and Why? But it signals through intuitions comes within our conscience. You might have felt in many situations that whenever we are in a confused state of mind, a voice comes from inside our heart (as we say in general).. this is right or wrong. And then we follow the inner voice and make a decision, and feel happy about it. Does that mean the decision taken by you was correct? May be “Yes” Maybe “No”. Problem is who will decide that??? The answer is either “Yin” or “Yang” decides it….

This Yin Yang philosophy explains about the complementary roles played by right and wrong, love and hatred, freezing and boiling, calmness and aggressiveness, beautiful and ugly…and many more duos which do so…including male and female.

It explains that there is no harm in doing wrong, which guides you to do “right” because until you won’t make mistake you cannot learn the new way of doing it right.

Hatred reflects that ..once Love was there.. and if it was there, it can be, if given a chance again, by building trust, empathizing, or by making genuine efforts.

It too goes well with the present Covid situation wherein; nature is somewhere trying to give a signal that whenever the humans will try to overburden the mother earth, it will automatically be balanced by these kinds of viruses. Covid has taught us that minimalism will be the new lifestyle in the coming century. To be happy and healthy is the new normal than being living a luxurious and fake life. Life’s all answers lies in this yin-yang philosophy.

If someone is weird, he/she might have gone through some mind disturbing situation and failed to handle it.  Compassion can improve the situation in such a case.

 “Cold coffee” is soothing in summers and Hot Coffee relaxes in Winters…

“Failures are the stepping stones to success… winning or losing is a part of the game..Experience of learning is more important”

Hence in this beautiful world of diversity…nothing is in isolation, each living and non-living being, each feeling and excuse has something which can complement and neutralize the situation. Relationships are a psychological course in learning how to bring Yin and Yang into balance as well as learning about love, friendship and creating happy and fulfilled relationships.

Yin and Yang exist in each of us..it is a process of harmonization ensuring a constant, dynamic balance of all things.

To be happy and blissful life maintain an excellent balance of Yin & Yang within you …All the Best...Happy Life Ahead!! –

Dr. Parul Sharda is the Associate Professor, Indore Management Institute & Research Center, Indore

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