Yoga camp commences for Police personnel in Prayagraj
Yoga camp commences for Police personnel in Prayagraj

PRAYAGRAJ: A yoga camp for police officers of all ranks began on Friday in Prayagraj. The programme, led by Ashish Pandey, was aimed to help employees overcome stress and exhaustion, as well as lose weight, by practising yoga and meditation in order to improve their well-being and efficiency.

Rakesh Singh, IG (Prayagraj Range), told reporters: "We've decided to hold yoga and meditation sessions every day from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. Police officers' physical and mental fitness will improve as a result of practising yoga." Officers of all ranks, he claimed, have attended the meeting. The IG stated that he had previously implemented yoga and meditation classes for cops, which had enhanced their helath.

"During the first and second rounds of the Covid, no police officers became ill. Police officers work long shifts and are frequently exhausted and stressed, which shows in their actions. Thus, yoga will assist them in de-stressing "he remarked. Behavioral changes, headaches, drowsiness on duty, inability to remain upright, anger, and misbehaviour are all signs of stress and exhaustion.

Senior cops believe that about 20 to 30 percent of police officers are obese, and yoga, together with regular exercises and parades, will help them lose weight and become physically and mentally healthy. Yoga has clearly relieved tension in many ways, according to those who attended the first day's practise.

"It was a welcome relief to be able to put our phones aside for at least an hour. The majority of us suffer from insomnia as well as other health difficulties such as renal problems, indigestion, breathing problems, and weight issues. Given the nature of our profession, police officers stand for extended periods of time, have sleepless nights, eat unhealthy food from outside, and suffer from worry. Therefore, yoga and meditation will be beneficial to us "a police officer stated.

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