3 Yogasanas to avoid trouble in menopause

Sep 20 2019 02:45 PM
3 Yogasanas to avoid trouble in menopause

If you consider menopause as a disease, then let me tell you that it is not a disease. The term menopause is spoken when menstruation stops in women. This also ends the reproductive period in women, that means once menopause, you cannot conceive again. This happens only after the age of 45. Often some women start having various physical problems after menopause. According to research, menopause may increase the risk of heart disease in women. Just as having periods is a natural process, in the same way, it is also a natural thing to have menopause in 45 years. For this, you can do some yogasanas which can relieve you from these problems.

Symptoms of psychosis

Hot flashes, urinary incontinence, vaginal changes, breast changes, bone loss, increased cholesterol level, symptoms of menopause, especially those who have had premature menopause at an early age (before 40 years). If ovary is removed through surgery, the risk of heart disease is also high. Apart from this, weight also starts increasing.


Sukhasana helps to keep both body and mind healthy and calm. It helps in preparing the body for the rest of the routine or yoga asana. While doing yoga, one can start with Sukhasana first, it helps in getting the correct breathing process and control.


Since the problem of hair increases greatly during menopause, so do Uttanasana. This improves blood circulation in the head. Problems related to the stomach also go away. Hair also sometimes falls because the health of the stomach is not good. If the health of the stomach is good, then the hair will also be healthy. By doing Uttanasana, the body also becomes calm. Heart rate is constant, blood pressure is normal. Stand upright to do Uttanasana. Keep both your feet close. Straighten both hands up. Now slowly bend down from the waist towards the front. Try to touch the toes with both your hands. Stay in this posture for 60 to 90 seconds.

Palm tree

Stand up straight. Now make a small distance between your two legs. Hang your hands completely open while touching the body. Breathing, raise both arms up. Interlock the fingers of the hands. Now lift your heels and stand on the toes. Now feel the stretch from legs to fingers and body. Breathe and stay in this position for a while. Now exhale and come to a posture of relaxation. Performing Tadasana will provide relief from menopause-related problems.

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