These yogasanas will work for fat women

Sep 12 2019 08:28 PM
These yogasanas will work for fat women

It is often seen that after pregnancy, women are unable to control their weight and turns fat. In such a situation, the obesity of women increases very much, which is necessary to reduce.  Fat women have trouble doing workouts due to early fatigue. Therefore, today we have brought some such yoga for women who will help them.

Ardha Uttanasana
In this posture, along with abdominal fat, there is also a decrease in the fat of hips and Thaiis. It is considered one of the easiest exercises for weight loss. For this, stand up straight and then bend down while bending the hip joints. Exhale while bending down and try to touch the feet with your hands. Also, while doing this asana, keep in mind that your knees are not bent. After trying for 30-60 seconds, become normal and after breathing try again. You can do this 5-7 times.


Kapotasana i.e. pigeon pose, this asana also helps in reducing stubborn belly fat quickly. Not only this, by doing this asana, there is pressure on the thighs, heels, joints, chest, throat, due to which the fat burns quickly. For this, sit in the Vajrasana position and take a deep breath. After this, keep both hands near the waist and then gently tilt the girdle backwards and try to move the hands and head behind the feet towards the ground. Keep in mind that there is no force on the neck. After staying in this position for some time, become normal.

Vriksasana not only cures the diseases of the body, but it also removes excess body fat. After this asana, the body does not get weakness and bones become strong. If you are worried about your growing belly, then do this posture. To perform Vriksasana, stand in careful posture. Now stand some distance between the two legs. Then, raising the hands above the head, straighten and mix the palms. Folding the right leg, rest its sole on the left thigh. The palms, head and shoulders are on the same side while balancing the left leg. Stay as long as possible. After some time do the same with the other leg.

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