May 08 2021 06:26 PM

Success stops when you do. Even in the face of grave troubles, if you decide to keep walking you'll eventually find a patch from where the road is smoother and success is the thing trailing right behind. When Royal Company's founder - Yogendra Rajput had his college life cut short, he could've easily crumbled and excused himself to a life where he kept wallowing in his misfortunes. 

His family had always been in a tight spot financially, so he focused on his studies for a chance of a better future. After finishing his schooling with flying colours, he happily went on to pursue his higher education. But sometimes life plays a cruel joke and due to some financial and personal struggles at home, Yogendra had to take the tough decision of dropping out of college. He didn't whine and cry about it, he accepted what was going on in his life, and made this contentedness a strong foundation. 

He set up an Instagram account and expertly used it to his benefit. He built a base of over 800k followers, set up his own software development company and became a certified ethical hacker. We reached out to Yogendra and asked him how he was able to deal with all the curve balls life has thrown at him.

He answered us with a word of advice, "When a wheel gets stuck in slush, you can stop right there - it's either just going to stand still or going to sink. But if you make an effort to give the cart a push, chances are your wheel will be able to make it out and continue forward. Never let anything stop you. Take in your situation and give it your all to get out of there. Once you're out of the murky road, then only you can carry on to greener pastures." 

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