Yogi Adityanath govt ensures health facilities in Tharu villages

LUCKNOW: The Yogi Adityanath government is focusing on sub-health centres in Tharu villages near the Nepal-India border. In these villages, 'Operation Mamta' has changed the lives of Tharu women who had previously been denied access to health care.

According to a government spokesman, the transformation of six sub-health centres in Tharu-dominated villages in the Terai region, namely Chandan Chowki, Gaurifanta, Najota, Chhedia West, Bankati, and Dhuskia, has ensured that delivery and other services are now readily available.

Earlier, these areas were engulfed in darkness. There was no water, electricity, or medical facilities in these areas before Yogi Adityanath became chief minister, but after he took office, he ensured the establishment of health sub-centres and proper electricity in these areas, providing 24-hour medical care. The government has now provided all necessary facilities at all centres, allowing obstetricians to treat patients without having to travel long distances.

The state has 3,602 Primary Health Centres with 14,408 beds and 943 Community Health Centres with 28,290 beds, according to the Health Department. A goal has been set to increase the capacity of Covid beds in the health department's hospitals to more than 70,000.

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