Minister Thakur Raghuraj Singh's controversial statement, says 'Ban on Burqa in India ..'
Minister Thakur Raghuraj Singh's controversial statement, says 'Ban on Burqa in India ..'

Lucknow: Raghuraj Singh, the Minister of State, who has received the records of the UP government from Aligarh, is constantly making headlines with controversial statements. The minister, who earlier talked about giving life to AMU students, has now made another controversial statement about the burqa (hijab) worn by Muslim women. Where he said that many other countries including Sri Lanka have banned the burqa. But it should be banned in our country too. Because this will prevent terrorism.

According to the information received, it has been learned that if you go to the banks wearing a burqa, you will not be able to come on TV. Your face will be hidden. People are wearing burqas in Shaheen Bagh. The burqa chor serves as a means to provide cover to the chakor. The miscreants get cover from this by the terrorists. Therefore the burqa should be banned. He said that there is a government of PM Modi and CM Yogi in UP in the country. That is why I have urged that the burqa should be banned. When the burqa is banned, it will also stop the entry of terrorists.

It is also being said that the terrorists want to enter inside the encounter of women. Yesterday I said this in a program of Brahmin Mahasabha. Where did the burka come from Let us tell you that it came from Arabia. While giving the example of Treta Yuga, she said that in the time of Rama and Laxman ji, when she had cut off the nose and ears of Shurpanakha, she had gone to Arabia and she used to hide herself only by opening her eyes. The practice of burqa started from there.

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