Govt's big gift to get a house for just Rs 1,000

Lucknow: The Yogi Adityanath government in UP, the country's largest state, is going to do very important work for the poor living in slums. The Uttar Pradesh government is going to build apartments to be developed on the PPP model in these slums. These flats will be given to slum dwellers at a registration fee of only 1,000 rupees, but how can the government do all this?

The same question arises as to how such cheap flats can be built, the answer is that the land of the Sarkan Slum will be given to the developer for free. At the same time, some settlements will be given to the land developer for commercial use. It will have a commercial complex from which developers will recover their expenses. The developer will construct a multi-storey building on the land with his own money. The government will give flats in this apartment to persons living in these slums who do not have any other pucca house.

The same beneficiaries will be linked to Aadhaar and given flats. The apartment will have community halls, children's playgrounds, pure drinking water, sewage and drainage systems, good roads etc. Earlier, a uniform model has been adopted in Gujarat due to the BJP government. The Yogi Cabinet has approved the Uttar Pradesh In-Stop Slum Redevelopment Policy-2021 two days ago to implement the scheme.

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