Uttar Pradesh government to withdraw 20 cases of Muzaffarnagar riots
Uttar Pradesh government to withdraw 20 cases of Muzaffarnagar riots

Lucknow: The Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh has allowed 20 cases of Muzaffarnagar riots to be withdrawn. Three orders have been issued for this. So far, the government has allowed 74 cases to be withdrawn. The cases, which have been allowed to be withdrawn by the government, were registered on behalf of the police and the public. All these cases are of arson, robbery, etc. Most of the cases are from the Fugana police station. The cases are also registered at Bhaurakala, Jansath, New Mandi, City Kotwali.

The government has been in the process of withdrawing the cases in the Muzaffarnagar riots since last year. Before the Lok Sabha elections, seven rulings had come up till March 8, allowing withdrawal of 48 cases. Five cases have been disposed of in the court, while in one, the police have filed a final report. After the Lok Sabha elections, three rulings have been issued, allowing the withdrawal of 20 cases marked by riots.

BJP MLA Umesh Malik said that the government has allowed 20 more cases to be withdrawn. The district administration has got the mandate in this regard. The Yogi government has so far allowed withdrawal of 74 cases from 92 riot cases marked. The process of withdrawal of 18 cases is still in progress. More than 500 people were booked by the police after the riots, which are in the sections of loot, dacoity, arson, etc.

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