You can roam from Bhutan to Thailand in just 50 thousand rupees

Many people all over the world aspires to go abroad at some point of time. Although everyone feels that going abroad will cost a huge amount, because of this they are not able to try to learn there. However, going abroad is not so difficult in today's time. By the way, if people go to visit somewhere in India with their family, then they keep a budget of at least 20 to 30 thousand. On the other hand, if you are thinking of going abroad, then you can visit these places in just 50 thousand. can. Let's tell.

Bhutan- Covered by the Himalayan hills, Bhutan is an important country in South Asia. Yes and there is a lot to visit in this country. By the way, if you want, you can book a trip to Bhutan in advance from any tour agency. With this, you do not need a visa to go here. On the other hand, return flight from Bagdogra will cost you 10 thousand and you will also get cheap hotels to stay here.

Nepal- This is the neighboring country of India and here apart from all the temples and monasteries, you will get to enjoy the natural beauty. Let us tell you that you can complete a trip to Nepal in a very low budget. Yes, Nepal can be reached by bus, train and flight, and you can choose it according to your budget and convenience.

Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean in the south of India. It is very beautiful. It will not take you much time to reach here. However, at present Sri Lanka is going through an economic crisis. Let us tell you that to go to Sri Lanka, you can get a return ticket from Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai for 10 to 16 thousand. You will find hotels here at very cheap prices.

Thailand- Thailand is known as a honeymoon place. Yes and most couples like to go here. It takes four to five hours to travel from New Delhi to Thailand's capital Bangkok by flight. Yes and here you can enjoy the beautiful beach, as well as the visa fee to go here is 2000 rupees. To go here, the return airfare from Kochi, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi will be between 8 thousand to 14 thousand.

Indonesia- Indonesia is a popular island. This is also a great place for couples. Along with this, you can also go here for a walk with family. Yes and here the historical temples built on the sea shores, traditional music and dance attract the tourists.

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