You can start your auspicious work on Thursday

Oct 22 2018 08:47 AM
You can start your auspicious work on Thursday

It is said that on Thursday, Dev Guru Jupiter is specially worshiped and their worship is of great importance. In this way, if devotees worship God, with their sincere devotion on this day, then every problem of their life goes away, as well as happiness prosperity in their life. In such a way, the life of those devotees lasts with prosperity, who worship Lord Guru Jupiter on Thursday. It is said that Guru is considered a factor of destiny and religion and the effect of the position of the master in the horoscope is also on marital life. If you want to start auspicious work, then this day is considered very auspicious and the work started on this day Doing is beneficial. It is said that on this day, due to the influence of the Guru, there is good effect in your starting work.

1. It is said that the person can start the business from this day, because if Guru is in auspicious condition then fortune gets together and the love between husband and wife remains.

2. It is also said that if you offer water to Brihaspat Dev by bathing in the morning on Thursday and praying for his most successful life, then surely your wish is fulfilled.

3. It is said that worship of Jupiter god is done with banana leaves. Apart from worshiping this god, if you listen to the story of Jupiter Devi with a true heart, then it also becomes part of his fortune.

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