You know 'Titanic' but surely not these facts about it !
You know 'Titanic' but surely not these facts about it !

tyle="text-align: justify;">Almost everyone is aware of one of the most romantic movies Titanic. It touched the heart of every other person who has watched it. But other than what is shown in the movie. There are a lot more facts about it which common people are not aware of. Here are some:

  • Titanic was not a ship, it was a gigantic seagoing zeppelin.
  • There were only six toilets in the Titanic.
  • 100,000 people came to see the ship when it was launched on May 31, 1911.
  • Out of 885 crew members only 23 were females.
  • The last remaining survivor Millvina Dean, died at the age of 97. She was 2 months old at that time.
  • The ship received six warnings about icebergs during the voyage.
  • Musicians played for 2 hours and five minutes as the ship sank.
  • It took 73 years to find the Titanic's wreckage.
  • 13 couples were celebrating their honeymoon.
  • Milton Hershey's, the founder of Hershey's chocolate was also going on the voyage but cancelled at the last moment due to business matters.
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