You must also eat these potatoes and bitter gourd dishes

Often, as soon as you name bitter gourd, many people start making mouths. Especially children don't like to eat it at all. On the other hand, potatoes are something that everyone likes to eat. So just think if potatoes and bitter gourd are mixed into vegetables, everyone ate bitter gourd on this pretext. So let's know how to make it.


Bitter Gourd-200gm
Onion-100 gm (if eaten)
Oil mustard (or refined) - enough to fry
Ground coriander- 25gm
Ground Fennel-25gm
Ground Amchur-15 gm
Salt and ground red chillies to taste.

Method: First wash and chop all the three vegetables. Cut the potatoes into normal squares, onion as a flake, and cut bitter gourd chips. Now take oil in a pan, first fry potatoes like pakoras, then remove. Then fry the onion lightly and remove. Finally fry the bitter gourd chips and remove.

Then mix all three vegetables in a pan on a low flame with spices, and let them sift with a slight dash. When the fragrance starts to go out, take it off. (Don't splash the vegetable if it has to run for several days) You can also use chopped green chillies and raw mango rings instead of happy red chillies and ground amchurs.

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