You will now be able to post in 280 letters instead of 140 on Twitter
You will now be able to post in 280 letters instead of 140 on Twitter

There is a 140 word limit for posting on Twitter since 2006. But on Wednesday, the company has started the new 280 words limit, now all users will be able to tweet up to 280 characters. Includes tweets made in Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi and Tamil languages. Only 5 percent of tweets are longer than 140 characters and only 2 percent of tweets are more than 190 characters.

In September, Television conducted a test with the select user, in which 140 words had been removed so that they could get themselves on Twitter Easily express. The microblogging website said in a blog post-Wednesday, "Our goal was to ensure that we maintain pace and brevity, which makes the twitter."

After looking at all the data, we decided to implement this change in all languages is." During the first few days of testing, many people tweeted to the full extent of 280, but after a while their behavior became normal. 

Tom Warren tweeted "Hello world, this is a large Tweet. This tweet has 280 characters instead of the regular and boring 140, and it's going to change everything. One more thing: you can do this yourself with a userscript in Chrome, it's really simple to do :)"

Twitter's Product Manager Alija Roshan said, "We saw that people need more than 140 character limit so that they can tweet it more easily and often. But the important thing is that most people mostly spend 140 characters Tweeted in less than." 

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