You will only get heaven...the dispute over 72 hoors deepened again

Terrorism has become a matter of concern not only in India but all over the world. In such a situation, Bollywood is also making a movie fiercely on this issue. Recently, there was a lot of ruckus on the movie 'The Kerala Story' based  on terrorism. The movie finally released in theaters and it has also earned very well. Now after 'Kerala Story' on terrorism, another movie '72 Hooren' is coming. Recently the teaser of the film has come out, after which there has been a ruckus.

Actually , the entire story of the movie is revolving around terrorism like 'Kerala Story'. The way people's minds are brainwashed, the same is all in the movie. In the name of jihad, people are also adopting the path of terrorism. The whole crux of the movie is on how the terrorists are assured in the midst of training that they will be served in paradise after death. They are being served by none other than 72 virgin girls.

What does '72 Hooren' mean?: 72 Hooren means girls who are virgins. According to Islam, every person who goes to Paradise will be given 72 hurrahs. Whatever his age at the time of death, but after death, he is going to go to heaven and be 30 years old. There his age is not going to increase.



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Talking about the movie, an attempt has been made to tell in the movie that people are brainwashed by talking about these people and they have been pushed into the business of terrorism. Ordinary people are forced to follow this creepy path in the name of religion and faith. Let us tell you that the film 72 Hurren has been made by Sanjay Puran Singh, who has also been a two-time National Award winner.

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