Young man set himself to fire in police custody, investigation underway
Young man set himself to fire in police custody, investigation underway

Recently, a case has come up that everyone is shocked to hear. In this case, the youth set himself on fire in the police post of Etmadpur police station on Tuesday. While the policemen extinguished the fire, he was admitted to a hospital in Kalindi Vihar, from here he was referred to Delhi late last night and the young man Zafar was arrested for robbing a truck driver. Till kept the matter under control, but now the matter has come to the fore. According to reports, 22-year-old Zafar Putra Sadiq, resident of Shahi Masjid Katra Pathan, located in Police Station South area of Firozabad, was caught robbing a mobile and purse by truck driver Samrapurwa, Auraiya resident Babu Singh and operator Etah resident V Sahay in the early hours of Tuesday and police brought him to the post 

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In such a situation, it is now alleged that "Driver Babu Singh was sleeping on the side of the truck on the Firozabad highway. That's when Zafar and his two companions came from Apache. He first stole diesel from the truck. Later, Zafar climbed into the cabin with a partner and robbed the purse and mobile. The driver and operator caught him. Both his companions fled. Zafar was handed over to the police. The driver was writing Tahrir at 10 am in the morning. Then Zafar asked for defecation. The policemen sent him to the toilet built on the campus. He took away the diesel box kept in the outpost. Suddenly he heard a scream. There was a stir among the policemen. He somehow opened the toilet door. Zafar was surrounded by flames.

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In this case, after extinguishing the fire, the police took him to a hospital located in Kalindi Vihar. At the same time, the police kept the matter under control till evening but at 8 o'clock in the night, the injured was referred to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi and all the matter came to light. In this case, whether the fire started from diesel or from someone else and where did the matches come from, it is not yet known. Simultaneously, the investigation into the causes of the incident is going on in this case and investigation has been handed over to CO Etmadpur.

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