Young Dynamic Couple Doctor Duo turning everyones head-on Social Media

Expert Doctor Duo runs various virtual social entertainment platforms, but the Instagram stage is the most moving, with more than 50k followers.

The thought behind presenting this channel on the web-based entertainment stage was to share their accounts and persuade understudies to take up the clinical calling as a piece of their professions. During that time, no specialist was sharing their biographies, and individuals accepted that Doctors were more taught to individuals who needed interactive abilities or were boring book lovers. This channel inspires understudies to become one without undermining their skills.

Recently one of their videos: circulated on the web.

This video is one of their moving posts that individuals worldwide adore. Promptly after posting this reel, Doctor Duo got more than a 36million perspectives on this post.

As the Covid flare-up, medical services experts have not just encountered the delight of mending patients and saving their lives yet have likewise lost many fights in route. In addition, many specialists have forfeited their own lives in the line of obligation.

Every day, the selfless warriors are giving it their all-in health-care settings while cutting themselves off from their families and loved ones. The sacrifice they were making for the safety and welfare of humanity is priceless and deserves lifelong gratitude. Most importantly, we must reassess the value healthcare workers hold in our lives and the kind of treatment they get from us. So then, young professional Doctors came into action to make the videos and show the lighter side of the profession, which entertains, interacts on specific topics, and, shares their personal life.  They made a series on MBBS ka Panchnama and Fun academy, which gazed masses' attention and quickly came into the limelight. Recently they are coming up with a new series named Doctor Strange, which will cover all the strange facts and things MBBS talked about. In this session, they will invite and interact with other medicos on YouTube and Instagram Personalities to cut into myths that have been believed for years in the Medical Field. Now Doctors are not savers but also the ones who can entertain by following their passion. The young blood is there to make a difference. They are no longer nerds.

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