Your sim will be locked forever

This work will be provided with 45 days. Accordingly, the 45-day deadline expired on January 20, 2022. In this case, the outgoing of sim of people who have 9 SIMs in their name has stopped and they have not undergone verification. Let's know in detail the whole matter.

Incoming will also be stopped if verification is not done soon: Under the DoT order, the outgoing sim of more than 9 SIM (SIM) operators without verification has been stopped for 30 days at present. If such people do not get verified soon, incoming calls (Incoming Call) are also going to be stopped in 45 days, while the entire SIM can be switched off within 60 days. The rule also provides 30 days extra time to international roaming, sick and differently-abled. On the other hand, if a fraud complaint is received from law enforcement, bank or other financial institutions regarding a number, the outgoing of such number is going to be stopped in 5 days and the coming in 10 days. The entire SIM can be switched off after 15 days.

Check this way: If you don't remember how many SIMs are activated from your ID, you can find it out this easy way.

First of all will go on.
Now you need to enter your mobile number.
An OTP will come as soon as you submit it. This OTP has to be inserted and logged in.
Now you'll get information about all the current numbers from your ID.
If you are using all the numbers and the number is more than 9, KYC.
If an unknown number appears in the list, close it immediately.

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