YouTube Launches New Earning Opportunities For Content Creators

Jul 15 2019 07:17 PM
YouTube Launches New Earning Opportunities For Content Creators

At the annual conference of bloggers VidCon, the YouTube platform showcased new monetization features to content creators. Most video makers earn money through a revenue sharing program on YouTube that gives them part of the ads they show on their channels. But authors are constantly striving to diversify their income, and in the past, YouTube has already provided them with such opportunities - for example, Super Chat.

This feature allows charges for live broadcasting and exposing comments on premiere. According to product director, Neil Mohan, it is used by 90 thousand channels, and some steamers earn more than $400 per minute.

Now Supersticks will appear in Superchat, which will allow fees to post animated stickers during live broadcasts.

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YouTube will also break paid subscription levels launched in June last year. Now the channel owner of your choice can enter five subscription options - each with its own costs and privileges. So far, innovations have been tested by select bloggers, including Fine Brothers Entertainment: After the launch of two tariff plans, the channel's revenue has increased six-fold.

In addition, YouTube expands the Merch Shelf function, through which service partners sell bloggers T-shirts, caps, phone cases and other things with their own symbols. Now the brand new has joined the service, which includes Crowd Made, Daftba, Fanjoy, Rep and Roster Team.

At the same time, the forum not only thought of the professional benefits of the authors, but also the donations. The YouTube Giving fundraising tool is now being tested. In a few months, the function will be available to all residents of the United States: by clicking the "Donate" button, everyone will be able to send money to an NGO chosen by the channel's author.

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