Zayn Malik separates after 2 years in relation with Gigi Hadid

Who doesn't know famous Hollywood singer Zayn Malik in today's times is always in the news for something or the other. Not only that, Zayn Malik has won the hearts of his fans many times with his powerful voice. He has given many hit songs to Hollywood Industries. That's where Zayn Malik is once again the talk of the town, so let's know why...

International pop sensation Zayn Malik and his partner model Gigi Hadid have made people lose their senses by deciding separation after a 2-year relationship. This couple also has a daughter. Gigi's mother Yolanda Hadid is the reason for the breakup between the two. She has made serious allegations against Zayn saying that she was beaten by Zayn in the absence of Gigi. After which, Zayn also issued his statement on Twitter throughout the case. Singer wrote – As you all know I am a very private person and I want to create a very safe and private space for my daughter.

According to media reports, places where private family matters were not being pushed to poke on the world stage. It is because of my daughter's life that I am still silent on all the allegations related to the fight that happened to my partner's family member. Who came to my house when my partner was out for several weeks. It needs to be a private matter at that time and still, but it seems as if such things are no longer being said from the other side. Despite my million efforts things have come out. All I want is to have a peaceful family environment where I can raise my daughter. In this entire controversy, while many people have been in support of Zayn, many have even trolled him.

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