Birthday: Zeenat Aman was one of the bold actresses of the 90s, had love affair with this man

Nov 19 2019 01:00 AM
Birthday: Zeenat Aman was one of the bold actresses of the 90s, had love affair with this man

We all know that Zeenat Aman, the bold actress of her time, has turned 67 years old. Zeenat's father Amanullah Khan, who belongs to the film industry, used to write scripts for films. He wrote Mughal-e-Azam and Pakija as co-writers. At the age of 13, Zeenat's father died. After which she started writing Aman in her surname. Zeenat Aman did her studies from Los Angeles. She was fond of modeling and acting from the beginning. Zeenat participated in the Miss India contest and in 1970 became Miss Asia Pacific. After this title, the path of films became easier for Zeenat, although some of her initial films did not work, she decided to leave Bollywood.

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According to the information received, Zeenat got recognition in 1971 from Dev Anand's film Hare Rama Hare Krishna. The success of this film opened the doors of the film industry for Zeenat. While Zeenat Aman was giving superhit films one after the other, she was also constantly in discussions about her affair. Actor Sanjay Khan's entry in Zeenat's life in 1980. Tales of the affair of the two were also heard from the set of the film Abdullah.

According to a magazine, Sanjay and Zeenat had even married secretly. Both were often seen together in every party and event. While Sanjay was already married and had three children. Zeenat became busy with other films after finishing shooting for Abdullah film. Meanwhile, Sanjay Khan called her to shoot a song with her but Zeenat was quite busy.

It is also said that due to lack of date, Zeenat refused the shoot, after which angry Sanjay Khan got angry and criticized Zeenat very well on the phone. Zeenat got panicked and arrived at Sanjay's house after the shoot ended. Then she came to know that Sanjay went to a party at the Taj Hotel. After which Zeenat reached there in frustration. This incident is from 3 November 1979.

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The same sources say that on seeing Zeenat who had reached the hotel, Sanjay had beaten her badly in front of everyone. During this time, the entire staff of the hotel was also there. Sanjay had beaten Zeenat so badly that Zeenat's jaw was broken and the light of right-eye weakened. This was also confirmed by Zeenat's doctor. After this incident, Zeenat ended the relationship with Sanjay completely. Sanjay Khan has also written about this incident in his biography The Big Mistakes of My Life.

If sources say that, Zeenat married Mazhar Khan in 1985 leaving behind bitter memories of Sanjay. Which led to her two sons Ajan and Jahan. It is said that Zeenat's relationship with Mazhar was not very good and often there was a fight between the two. Distressed by Mazhar, Zeenat divorced him. Mazhar died in 1998. Zeenat is currently living with her sons.

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