Zeenat Kureshi is turning houses into homes

A place comes to its perfect shape after it has been perfectly furnished. ZEENAT KURESHI is someone who will give your dreams wings. You might have a picture of what you want your room, home, workplace, etc. to look like. She will bring your imagination into reality and maybe make it into something even better. She is following her passion for working in the interior design industry and has been doing a tremendous job of it.

Zeenat Kureshi lives in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. Zeenat has been deeply involved in a number of valuable projects. Zeenat started her Journey in the year 2004at the name of Diva Interiors. She is the director of Diva Di Lusso, Diva Casa Furniture, Kidzzkart, Akira Traders & Exporters, and Akira Welfare Foundation. Her offices are based in Punjabi Bagh West, Rama Road, Moti Nagar.

Diva Di Lusso Interno was started by Zeenat in October 2010. It opened the doors for her to showcase her talent to the world and what all she had to offer in the world of luxury lifestyle. Creativity and technology, glamour and functionality, quality and innovation: an extraordinary combination of factors, along with a strategic vision, has contributed to the lasting success of ZEENAT KURESHI.

Interior designing and furnishing services begin through proper interior consulting services. She keeps in mind that interior design consulting packages cover every aspect, from analyzing the taste, requirements, budget, and land space of the client to developing house plans that can be executed as per the customer's choice and interest. They do all kinds of Interiors and furniture. One of our important features is that we plan and design the complete interiors for all our projects before the construction phase itself. This is done after accurate space planning. The practical viability of all the designs will be analyzed simultaneously. They not only work in residential and corporate places but also in salons and restaurants!

Zeenat is set on her journey to design peoples' dream homes and places. It didn’t take her long to realize how fragmented the industry was and how factors like identifying the right professionals, coordinating tasks, and ensuring fair price and quality were faced by many. It is now the trusted brand for complete home interior design and renovation for thousands of homeowners.

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