Zendaya expressed her desire, said- 'Boyfriend should work in her show...'

Marvel's blockbuster movie 'Spiderman: No Way Home' has also won the hearts of the audience by watching the best chemistry of Zendaya with Tom Holland. The duo is not only amazing on-screen but also off-screen. Both are also dating each other. For this reason, Zendaya wants to be different from Marvel, people are very fond of her pairing with Tom. During an interview, she has said that she has also made such an effort, talking to the producers of her show 'Euphoria' to cast Tom.

In the midst of a conversation with the media, she said that she told the producer that she was going to include Tom for background characters or Easter Egg as well. She has said that I mean listen, which we always talked about. It was like put it anywhere, put it right in a shot but. Talking about Tom sitting fit in the character of the show, she said that Tom is not immune to it. He has played such dark characters. He has also played a war veteran in Cherry. Which revolves around drug addiction.

Tom Holland himself expressed his desire to work on the show: According to media reports, when the two were busy promoting their Marvel movie Spider-Man: No Way Home in December, Tom said in an interview that he wanted to work in Euphoria. On this, Zendaya has said, "Okay, let me talk to some people." People also want to see the duo separate from marvel cinematic movies. Where they are going to do something different and that's what they're desperate to work with each other in a project. No matter what the role will be.

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