Daily Horoscope मेष (Aries)

- 24 Nov 2017, Friday

It's time to step back and contemplate your situation, your feelings and beliefs. Get into the spirit of the season by focusing on the more important things in life. Something old or deep may come to light if you explore the inner reaches of yourself and talk about your feelings and your needs. There may be a change for someone you know about which you can do nothing. Accept what's happened.

This week you shall analyze and assess your self your motivations, your values and goals. You now go all out to learn to relate better to other people especially the people you love.Relations with co-workers may feature. Work around other points of view.

This person has issues that he or she is having trouble with.

There are others who are in a better space whose company you will enjoy at this time. Get together and enjoy the amiable atmosphere.

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