Idea, Vodafone merge may decline employment rates

Feb 16 2017 04:17 PM
Idea, Vodafone merge may decline employment rates

As Jio entered in the telecom Industry it has dismantled the existing scenario of the telecom industries. All the industries faced hazardous impacts due to free data and 4G calling service.

As per the reports, Vodafone and Idea are going to merge their telecom business as one, this will take nearly 18 months. However, dealers may be excited about the new deals but telecom and BPO employs are disappointed due to the step.

As per the revealed data, merging between Vodafone and Idea will decline up to 10-25 thousand of employment rates, as there are 19,000 employs are a part Airtel, 17,000 in Idea and 13,000 in Vodafone. The company has yearly turnover of Rs 1lakh 30thousand.

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