Due to this, not Lord Rama but his brother Lakshman was able to kill Meghnath

Many things are mentioned in mythological episodes which are surprising. In this way, in the Puranas, we get to hear the stories of the heroism of Lord Ram and his supreme devotee Hanuman. It is said that the story of the heroism of Shri Ram's brother Lakshman is also very high, which are not discussed. He is not only brave but his devotion towards Lord Ram was amazing and today we are going to tell about the same.

Story - When Lord Ram had come to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, then Agastya Rishi reached Ayodhya to meet him and the conversation of Lanka war broke out during the conversation. Lord Ram told how he killed raging heroes like Ravana and Kumbhakarna and Lakshmana also killed powerful asuras like Indrajit and Atikayya. Agastya Rishi said, 'Of course Ravana and Kumbhakarna were very brave, but the greatest hero was Meghnath. He fought Devraj Indra in heaven and tied him and brought him to Lanka. Indra was freed when Brahma asked meghnath to leave him. Laxman killed the most powerful person, so he became the greatest warrior.

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Lord Ram was very happy to hear the praise of brother's bravery from Agastya rishi, but curiosity was arising in his mind that why Agastya Rishi is saying that Indrajit's slaughter was more difficult than Ravana. To calm the curiosity of Lord Ram, Agastya Rishi said, "Indrajit had the blessing that he can be killed by someone who had not slept for 14 years, who had not seen a woman's face for 14 years and has not eaten anything for 14 years. Hearing the words of Agastya Rishi Lord Ram said, "I used to give fruits and flowers of Laxman's share to him regularly for 14 years during the exile period".

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"I used to live in a hut with Sita, there was Lakshmana in the adjacent cottage, then I have not even seen the face of Sita, and have not slept for 14 years, how is this possible". When we went to the mountain, Sugriva asked us to identify him by showing his jewellery.  I did not recognize any jewellery except Nupur on his feet, because I never looked at her. When you and Goddess Sita used to sleep in a hut, I used to guard outside at night. When sleep tried to capture my eyes, I had blocked my eyes  with my arrows".

Laxman told about being hungry for 14 years, "you used to do 3 parts of the fruits and flowers that I used to bring. You used to tell me by giving a portion, keep this fruit Lakshman. You never asked me to eat fruit - then how can I eat it without your permission? On hearing these things of Laxman, Lord Shri Ram embraced him". This was the reason that due to these harsh vows, he could do the courageous task of killing Meghnath and was called a brave warrior.

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