10 Fun Ways to Learn and Remember New English Vocabulary

Sep 07 2020 04:34 PM
10 Fun Ways to Learn and Remember New English Vocabulary

Are you having a hard time memorizing new words in the English vocabulary? Do you feel like giving up? We’ll don’t. We understand that due to the complex nature of English words it may be a little difficult to learn and remember. All you need are new and fun ways to help you memorize the words.

Fun ways to learn and remember English vocabulary

When you are learning the English language, you should find fun ways to incorporate it into your daily life.In this part, we’ll give you fun strategies to help you learn and remember new English words:

1) Do a lot of reading

Reading is the best way to learn new words and boost your vocabulary. The more you read, the more words you pick up along the way.

Also, when you read you get to see how the words are used in a sentence.

2) Flashcards

Flashcards are a very effective way of learning small facts in bulk.

Write new words on one side of a paper and the meaning on the other side. You learn a lot during the creation of the cards and after. However, you should use these in moderation because our brains have a hard time remembering many random things.

3) Use the words in a sentence

To actually learn a new word, you have to use it in a sentence. This is another great way to learn new English vocabulary since you understand from the beginning the circumstances where the word should be used. Once you have linked the word to something bigger, it sticks better to your mind.

Learning words in context helps you memorize its grammar and common use cases right from the start.

4) Use mnemonics

A lot of people swear by this memorization technique. The reader uses useful facts to create an image, song, story, rhyme, acronym, or phrase to help with information retention. Mnemonics require us to put a little imagination into the learning process but are incredibly effective.

5) Watch movies with subtitles

This is a great way to master how words are pronounced.

Usually, it’s easier for most people to remember something that they heard as opposed to something they read. Practice by repeating what you hear so that you can get your pronunciation right.

6) Keep a notebook handy

This method might seem old-fashioned but it works wonders. Writing words down takes more time and requires more intentional movement. This makes it more likely for you to remember the words.

7) Use pictures

If you enjoy drawing, you could use this to your advantage when it comes to learning new words. Whenever you learn a new word, draw what it means. This will help with the definition of the word next time you see it.

8) Start a blog in English

Reading is not the only way to learn new words. You can also learn a lot through writing. Share your blog with your friends, family, or teachers and ask them to let you know if you used the vocabulary correctly.

9) Play word games

There are so many apps and board games that you can play either alone or with your friends to help you improve your English vocabulary. The good thing with most of these games is that you can choose the level of complexity that you’re comfortable with.

10) Use the plural form and different tenses

It also helps to learn the word’s plural form and past tense forms. This is very helpful when you’re learning words with irregular past tenses or plural forms.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to learn words with opposite meanings as well as words with similar meanings.


Hopefully, one day scientists will come up with a way of downloading vocabularies straight from the internet into our heads. But until then, people who are learning English have to rely on vocabulary building activities.

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