Get perfect look within minutes with these makeup tricks

Sep 06 2020 12:48 PM
Get perfect look within minutes with these makeup tricks

Often, even after having a makeup kit, some minor mistakes spoil the entire makeup. It is very important that you take care of the basic things before you make makeup, which will also make your makeup good. So let's know about the step of doing makeup-

Wash with face wash or cooled soap
First, wash the mouth thoroughly with facewash or cooled soap to remove the dust and moisture of the face. Then dry the face with palms or soft towels.

Apply cream or lotion
Never start makeup without applying any lotion or cream on the face. If you have oily skin, you can also put aloe vera gel on the face.

Use foundation sticks in place of Liquid Foundation. Dip the makeup sponge in the water and squeeze it again. Now spread the foundation well on the face so that all your spots are hidden. Wet sponges easily spread the foundation on the face.

It takes a long time to apply the eyeliner because the line worsens only when the slightest hand is moving. To make it easy, make the dots right above the eyelash, now it will make it easier to line up and it will take less time.

If you don't have to work the eyeshadow, make it on a small circle of oids from whatever lipstick you're going to apply and then fill it out. Then spread it with your ring finger. If you don't like applying eyeshadows, you can also skip this step.

You're six, so don't take a small bowl and cover the ilyds portion. Now easily put mascaras on the eyelids.

First straighten the lipstick in the final and apply it lightly to the corners of the lips, then put it in the middle of the lips.

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