10 thousand fine for not having Vehicle pollution certificate in Delhi

New Delhi: Several stringent steps are being taken to reduce vehicular pollution in Delhi. In the meantime, the government has further stepped up its crackdown on pollution. 10,000/- for non-availability of Controlled Pollution Certificate (PUCC) for vehicles in Delhi, six months imprisonment or both action.

On the other hand, if anyone is found ignoring the rules, the licenses of those who do so will be suspended for three months. As per the information received, the Transport Department has informed in this regard. Recently, the Transport Department has issued a public notice directing all vehicle owners that all registered vehicles must have certificates.

On the other hand, if no one has a certificate, immediately get a pollution check certificate at the pollution checking centres so that they can avoid trouble. You must be aware that lakhs of vehicles ply on the roads in Delhi, although vehicle owners may face problems if there is no pollution control certificate.

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