10,000 minks died from coronavirus
10,000 minks died from coronavirus

Washington: The deadly corona virus is on the rise rather than receding. After humans, it has now begun to wreak havoc on animals. With its arrival, ten thousand minks died in the United States. This has been followed by the world, including the United States. At present, 374 lakh 48 thousand 771 people have been affected by coronavirus worldwide.

Let's say that the United States is a country where the Corono virus has created the most haraam. More than 7 million people in the U.S. have been infected with the corona virus. After humans in the U.S. the corona epidemic for animals is now becoming troublesome. In the United States, these dangerous infections are now spreading from humans to animals.

According to media reports, 10,000 mink (Mink) have died in the wake of the disease in Utah and Wisconsin, U.S.A. Giving information in this regard, local authorities said that the virus is spread by humans in animals. Experts have also been surprised after the death of 10,000 minks at the US fur farm house.

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