On Tuesday, you must chant these 12 names of Hanuman ji, all sufferings will be removed

Bhakta Ram Everyone worships Hanumanji, who is one of Mahadev's Rudravatars. Bajrang Bali is reported to exist in Kalyug on this world. Bajrang Bali is known as sankat mochan because he is free of any suffering. Do all the major and small jobs improve if Bajrang Bali is worshipped with a pure heart? As a result, Hinduism recognises that the period of tomorrow means that worshipping Bajrang Bali in the present helps not only the people but also the afterlife. 

Know names of Hanuman ji:-
These are the 12 names of Hanumanji
1- Um Hanuman
2- Anjanisut
3- Vayuputra
4- Mahabal
5- Falgun Sakha
6- Pingaksh
7- Amit Vikram

It is customary to chant these names with all devotion if these names are not chanted in a selfless manner by lighting a lamp in front of Bajrang Bali.

When to chant these names:-
Every mind's wish is fulfilled if you say these Bajrang Bali names in the morning. At the same time, chanting both of them in the afternoon provides a lot of money to the devotees, whilst repeating the name in the evening brings happiness to the family. Similarly, reciting these names in bed before going to bed produces negative duties while also alleviating bodily issues.



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