12- year-old stabbed a 30-year-old tuition teacher to death

Sep 18 2019 02:20 PM
12- year-old stabbed a 30-year-old tuition teacher to death

A case of crime has surfaced from Shivaji Nagar in Mumbai. In this case, a minor got angry and stabbed his tuition teacher to death. At the same time, the police said on Tuesday that this incident happened around 8 pm on Monday night. When a 12-year-old student stabbed a 30-year-old teacher to death. In this case, it is being told that immediately after this incident happened, the teacher was admitted to a hospital, but he succumbed late at night.

After this incident, Shivaji Nagar police registered a case of murder and took the minor child into custody for further investigation. According to reports, a police officer while talking about this said that "Initial investigation has revealed that the reason behind the murder is said to be a matter of fees between the teacher and the child's mother".

The minor said that his mother had asked the teacher to borrow some money to buy household items but he refused to give the money. They were also good friends of each other for a few years. On the teacher's refusal to give the money, and the matter got worse. The angry child took a knife lying there and stabbed it in the teacher's stomach and back.

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