Young man stabbed to death with a sharp weapon in the farm

Sep 17 2019 07:26 PM
Young man stabbed to death with a sharp weapon in the farm

Recently, a case of crime has come to light from Lucknow. In this case, a youth was stabbed to death in the Semri village of Kursi area of Barabanki district on Monday night with a sharp weapon. On Tuesday morning, his body was found lying in his field 100 meters away from the village, and several injuries were made on the head of the deceased. At the same time, there is fear in the villagers due to this incident. In this case, on the complaint of the deceased's brother, the police have filed a case of murder against three people, including his wife and her lover.

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In this case, the villagers said that "this murder has been committed in the spur of hope". While in this case the police is engaged in the investigation and in this case it has been revealed that "The victim is a resident of Semri village of Kursi area, his body was found lying in his field 100 meters from the village on Tuesday morning. On Tuesday morning, his brother went to the field to pour cow dung. He saw the body of his brother lying in the field while the head was on the ridge. Seeing his brother's body, the man started screaming. A crowd of villagers gathered. Police reached the spot and sent the dead body for postmortem".

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While talking about this, the villagers said, "In the village, there is a terror of animals. They damage crops at night. Due to which the people of the village form a herd and guard the field at night. On Monday night, the man was present with the villagers under a tree outside the village. At around 9:00 pm, someone called him, after which he left. After that, his body was found in the morning. There is a discussion among the villagers about the murder and the villagers are making different assumptions about his murder. police is investigating the murder case.

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