Boy hiding under the bed in the girl's hostel and then...

Sep 17 2019 03:20 PM
Boy hiding under the bed in the girl's hostel and then...

A strange case is registered from Bihar's capital Patna. A boy's voice suddenly came out of a room of a girls hostel and listening to the boy's voice when the other girls of the hostel reached there and investigated they saw that a boy is hidden under the bed of the room.

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At the same time, girls registered a case in the police station regarding this matter. The police have arrested the accused. In connection with this incident, it has been revealed that a sudden disturbance occurred in a girls hostel on Boring Road this morning. Hearing the sound of the girl's screaming from a room in the hostel, all the girls gathered in one place. At the same time, when the room was searched, a boy was found hiding under the bed.

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In this case, the police disclosed that "the boy works in the mess of the same hostel." On this matter, a case has been registered on behalf of the girls in Srikrishnapuri police station. "The police have arrested the accused boy and started questioning and after the incident, there is panic among the girls. The owner of the hostel is absconding in this case but the boy is being questioned.

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