12-year-old girl shows bravery, dragged away thief out of the house

Feb 23 2020 12:59 PM
12-year-old girl shows bravery, dragged away thief out of the house

Bhopal: In the Sagar bungalow of Gandhi Nagar, a 12-year-old girl confronted the miscreant who entered the house at half-past two in the night. The miscreant who entered the house with the intention of robbery strangle the girl. Meanwhile, in front of the bravery of the girl, the crook had to run the opposite way. These thieves came to open the first floor of the house. The miscreant had locked the room of the child's parents from outside.

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According to Gandhi Nagar Police, Narendra Jaiswal, a resident of Sagar Bungalow opposite Goundipura, is a manager in the Health Mission. Last Friday night, Narendra, his wife, and son were sleeping in their rooms, their 12-year-old daughter Kavya was in her room. Kavya is a student of 7th grade. Narendra said that at half past two in the night, his sleep was awakened due to the noise of the daughter but the door of the room was locked from outside. It was at first felt that Kavya got scared in the dream, due to which she is making noise. But after this, Kavya opened the door and said that a crook was strangling him. He ran through the first-floor door. When Narendra looked outside, a young man was running from the way of the Tin Shed. This miscreant came inside by opening the door of the first floor. He stole 700 rupees and some belongings from the house.

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On this whole matter, Kavya said, "I was sleeping. Suddenly a crook had climbed on top of me. He held both my hands with his feet. He started to strangle me with both hands. I tried to make noise, but due to choking, the sound was not coming out. I was very nervous. Meanwhile, with great difficulty, he rescued his hand and hit him strongly with a punch, weakening the grip of his throat. That's when I made a noise. Panic started running in panic. The door of Papa's room was closed from outside. When I opened the door, my father ran away by then the miscreant ran away."

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