Floods wreak havoc in Assam, 14 people killed in rain-landslides so far
Floods wreak havoc in Assam, 14 people killed in rain-landslides so far

Guwahati: The flood situation in Assam remains critical due to heavy rains. 7.12 lakh people in 29 districts of Assam are facing the havoc of floods. Many areas of Assam have been submerged in floodwaters. Due to this, the life of the common man has become disturbed. According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority report, more than 3.36 lakh people have been affected in Nagaon, 1.66 lakh in Cachar, 1.11 lakh in Hojai and 52,709 in Darrang in Assam.


On May 20, four people, including two children, lost their lives when they drowned in floodwaters in Cachar, Lakhimpur and Nagaon districts. According to the report, nine people have lost their lives in the Assam floods, while five people have died in landslide incidents so far. Farmers have also suffered a lot due to floods in Assam. A total of 80,036.90 hectares of standing crops has been destroyed and 2,251 villages in Assam are still submerged. 

In Assam, 2 villages in Jamunamukh district have been completely submerged. Here, only railway tracks are left over from the havoc of floods. Changjurai and Patia Pathar villages were submerged in floodwaters six days ago. To save lives, the people of these two villages took shelter on the railway tracks, which have been built in a high place. It is here that in the middle of the rain, these people are forced to live life by putting tarpaulin. They allege that they have not received any help from the government so far. 

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