15 days before marriage, boys demand bullet and car, case filed

Karnal: An incident of the repeal of marriage due to demand of dowry before marriage has come to light in the Kunjpura area of Karnal district of Haryana. The incident took place in Kalvehadi village. It is alleged that about 15 days before the marriage, the boy's side demanded a bullet bike and a Creta car in dowry from the girl's side. At the same time, he talked about breaking the marriage if the demand is not met. Based on the complaint, the police have registered a case against seven persons, including the culprit, his mother and three brothers. Waryam Singh Banjare, a resident of Kalvehadi village, told the police in a case lodged that he had two boys and two girls. The younger daughter has passed 12th standard and completed her diploma in electrician from Karnal ITI. She fixed the relationship of her daughter with Shailendra, a resident of village Mahalana in Sonipat district, who is a clerk in the electricity corporation.

When the relationship was fixed on September 3 last year, the groom's side was told to marry the girl in only 3 clothes without a dowry. With the approval of both parties, the date of marriage of February 11, 2022, was fixed. Thereafter, the preparations for the marriage ceremony began. On February 3, it was also decided to deliver the wedding letter and dowry items to the groom's house. Due to this, on January 24, the groom's brother Yashwant came to village Kalvehadi. After coming here, the groom's brother and his other family members started demanding dowry. In addition to the first AC, fridge branded items and ring chains of the four brothers, including the groom, a ring was demanded by the mother and sisters. Thereafter, bullet motorcycle, Creta car along with expensive coat pants of all the family members were also added to the dowry list. When the bride's side pointed out that they did not have the status of giving heavy cheeses in dowry, the groom's side categorically refused to marry.

Before giving a complaint to the police, the panchayats of 7 villages also came out in support of the girl's side over the case. He also tried to convince Shailendra, a resident of village Mahalana in Sonipat, on the call, but he did not agree. The persons of the 7 villages tried their best to connect the relationship while holding the panchayat. When they did not agree, the family members lodged a complaint with SP Gangaram Poonia about the case. After registering the case, ASP Himadri Kaushik is investigating the case. Marriage cards were also distributed on behalf of the girl's side and many things were also purchased for dowry.  

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