15-year-old boy killed 10-year-old boy, cause will blow your senses

Jabalpur: A shocking case has been reported recently from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. In this case, a 15-year-old student killed a 10-year-old child and threw his body into the river. The 15-year-old accused has carried out the incident by watching the film. A team of 40 officers and staff of the police department searched the child for 5 days, and finally, the body of the child was found in the river. Talking about this whole issue, it is from Jugpura village in Belkheda police station area of Jabalpur. Here the family members of the child had suspected the minor accused from the beginning and on the basis of that suspicion, when the police inquired, the minor accused confessed his crime. The court has sent the accused to a child improvement home.

What did the accused say- On being asked by the police in this case, the minor accused told that he had seen a movie of South some time ago on the phone. After watching the movie, he got the idea and then he also killed the deceased (Raja) as in the movie. The 10-year-old Raja was missing from the night of March 5. On March 10, police apprehended and interrogated the minor accused. On the basis of that, the search for the Raja from March 11 was started by the SDRF and home guard team in Narmada. After a continuous search for about 4 days, Raja's body was found near Murach Ghat in the Theni police station of Narsinghpur district, 25 km away from the spot on March 14.

The minor disclosed the entire case to the police and said, "Raja's sister and I study in class 10th in the same school. We are also good friends and live around the house. I also spoke to Raja's sister on the phone. Raja came to about this. For this reason, he always used to take his mobile to play games and always threatens to tell her mother and father about their friendship. He was threatening to give me money every day, so I decided to kill him. The minor accused also told the police that he hit Raja's head before with the bamboo pole. When he fainted, I took the small boat to the middle of the stream of the Narmada and then threw him into the water."

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