Kamika Ekadashi is on July 16, know the story
Kamika Ekadashi is on July 16, know the story

The upcoming 16 July 2020, i.e., tomorrow is Kamika Ekadashi, this year it is going to be celebrated on Thursday. The Ekadashi which comes in Shravan Krishna Paksha is called Kamika Ekadashi. We are going to tell you its story of this auspicious day.

Story- Kuntiputra Dharmaraj Yudhishthira started saying that, O God, I have heard of Ashadha Shukla Devshayani Ekadashi and Chaturmasya Mahatmya, now please tell me what is the significance of Shravan Krishna Ekadashi. So Lord Krishna started saying, O Yudhishthira! Once upon a time, Lord Brahma himself told the story of this Ekadashi to Devarshi Narada, and now I am telling you. When Naradji asked Brahma, I wish to hear the story of Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Shravan month, what is its name? What is the method and what is its significance? Hearing these words of Naradji, Brahma said "You have asked a very beautiful question for the interest of the people. The name of Krishna Ekadashi of Shravan month is Kamika."

Just by listening to him, you get the result of Vajpayee Yagya. On this day, Shankha, Chakra, Gadadhari Vishnu is worshipped, who is called with different names like Sridhar, Hari, Vishnu, Madhav, Madhusudan. The advantage you receive while worshipping him is the same as bathing in Ganga, Kashi, Naimisharanya, and Pushkar, the righteous and sacred gifts received by bathing in Kurukshetra and Kashi on the sun and lunar eclipse, worshipping mother nature, including sea, forest, the Godavari and bathing in Gandaki river are none in comparison with worshipping Lord Vishnu amount of virtuosity received. Therefore, humans who are afraid of sins, fast in Kamika Ekadashi, and worship Lord Vishnu. The fast of this Ekadashi and worship of Lord Vishnu is very important for the people trapped in the sinful act and immersed in the world's trap. There is no other way to get rid of sins.

God himself has said that the soul doesn't attain an evil fetus by fasting on Kamika. Those people who devoutly offer Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu on this Ekadashi, stay away from all the sins of this world. Lord Vishnu is not happy with the gemstone, pearl, and jewellery as with the Tulsi plant. The righteous act of Tulsi endowment is equal to the donation of four weights of silver and one weight of gold. I always entreat the Tulsi plant, beloved of God. All the tortures of humans are destroyed by watering the basil plant, with the mere sight, all sins are destroyed and a person becomes pure by touch.

Another story- In ancient times, there was a Thakurji in a village. Krodhi Thakur had a fight with a Brahmin in anger, Thakur wanted to kill  Brahmin. Hence, he wanted Brahmin to apologize for his crime, but the pandits refused him to participate in the action and he became guilty of killing Brahman. Then he requested a sage that, O God, how can my sin be overcome, the sage inspired him to observe Kamika Ekadashi fast. Thakur did exactly what the sage told him to do. When he was sleeping near the idol of God in the night, then the Lord appeared to him in a dream and get him rid of his sins and forgave him. Even on the night of Kamika Ekadashi, the grace of lightning a lamp and awakening of the soul in the night is incomparable. Those who light a lamp in the temple on this Ekadashi, their ancestors receive 'amritpan' in heaven and those who light a lamp of ghee or oil are illuminated with hundred crores of lamps and are sent on the sun path. Brahma says, "A person listening to and observing the fast of Kamika Ekadashi with reverence goes to Vishnu Lok. This Kamika Ekadashi fasting for the sins of Brahmin Killing and Feticide, etc., should be observed with diligence."

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