16-year-old Tablighi Jamaat member tests positive for Corona in Chhattisgarh
16-year-old Tablighi Jamaat member tests positive for Corona in Chhattisgarh

A test and positive of coronavirus has come in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. This man was involved in the Tablighi Jamaat program of Delhi. Giving information about this, Korba district administration said that this man is one of the 16 people who came to Korba from Maharashtra. This person has been quarantined. Explain that a large number of people had attended the religious program in Delhi, due to which the cases of Coronavirus have increased. People from different states were involved in this program. Which is being identified. So that this virus cannot spread to other people as well.

For your information, let us tell you that the people participating in this program are infected with Corona. Apart from the infection, many people who have joined the Jamaat with this virus have also died. Today a 51-year-old corona virus-infected patient died in Tamil Nadu.

The country is currently going through a very serious situation due to the virus outbreak. At present, there is a 21-day lockdown in the country. So far in India more than 50 people have died due to coronavirus while over 2000 people have been infected. The number of people infected continues to increase. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked all people to take care of staying at home. There is no cure for this disease yet. The number of coronavirus patients is steadily increasing. Apart from taking precautions for this prevention, there is no other option yet.

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