California's fire is the worst tragedy of the year 2020, more difficult days will come

San Francisco: There are many disasters that have arisen even in the midst of the Corona. You may be seeing that on one side Corona is wreaking havoc, while on the other side there are many such people who are shocked to see the scene of destruction. These include floods, storms, rain, fire. Now, the fire in California has caused a lot of devastation in the entire state. The Governor of the State of California has called it the worst tragedy of the year 2020.

You all would know that in the last month, at least 19 people have died in this state fire and 30.2 lakh acres of land has been destroyed. According to a website report, 365 buildings have been completely destroyed by this fire, and 32 have been damaged. Not only this but about 16,570 firefighters are seen battling since Sunday to control the fire in 29 parts of the state. According to a website, more than 2,200 fire engines, 388 water tenders, 304 bulldozers, and 104 aircraft are working day and night to control the fire. Apart from this, it is also being said that this fire is the biggest fire in the history of the state.

There are reports of more than 2,000 acres of land falling in the grip of this fire on Sunday night. Now at present 14,074 buildings are under threat. Officers who recently fought the Creek Fire in Fresno and Madera county said that 'a gust of wind blowing at 35 mph has increased its intensity.' In the same sequence, Oregon Governor Kate Brown stated that 'During the last three days, the fire has taken over nine lakh acres of land. So far five lakh people have been forced to leave the house. This is more than 10 percent of the province's total population of 42 lakhs. Due to the fire in the forests, there may be the highest loss of life and property in the history of the state. In some areas west of Oregon, people have been asked to evacuate immediately. More than 68 thousand people have been ordered to evacuate homes in California. Apart from this, the coming days will be more difficult.

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