19-year-old Becomes Youngest Pakistani To Climb Mt Everest
19-year-old Becomes Youngest Pakistani To Climb Mt Everest

A Pakistani boy of just 19-year-old become the youngest to climb the world’s highest peak Mount Everest on Tuesday.

The name of the boy is identified as Shehroze Kashif, who hails from Lahore, climbed the stood on top of the 8,849-meter mountain on May 11, proudly raising the flag of Pakistan. He made an update on his instagram handle wrote “Alhamdulillah. History has been made! Shehroze has summited Everest on May 11 at 5:02am Pakistan time.” He was descending to camp 3 of Everest in Nepal after the successful summit, according to the update on social media. Nepalese mountaineer and the expedition manager, Chhang Dawa Sherpa announced his great news and congratulated him on becoming the youngest Pakistani to climb Mount Everest. In the meanwhile, Pakistani mountaineer community erupted in jubilation after the news broke out, sending best wishes to the young mountaineer and praying for his safe descent.

The teenager has been fascinated by the idea of being at the top of the mountains since he was a little boy. Beginning his climbing journey at the age of 11, he summited Makra peak, and then later the Musa Ka Musalla peak and Chembra peak. At the age of 17, he climbed Broad peak, the 12th highest mountain in the world because of which he earned the title 'The Broad Boy’ for him. Now at 19, he has summited the tallest mountains of them all, the mighty Mount Everest.

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