Two brothers kills sister for false pride
Two brothers kills sister for false pride

A major case of crime has recently been reported from Kukra village in Muzaffarnagar. In this case, for the sake of false pride, two brothers killed a real sister and burnt the dead body. At the same time, according to the information received in this case, what the sister had done was not such a big crime. Yes, the sister of both had fallen in love with another class of youth and a murder report has been filed on behalf of the lover against the accused brothers.

The police have also arrested the accused. In this case, Sadhana alias Komal (33-year-old), a resident of Kukra, a village in New Mandi Kotwali, was married to a Delhi-based youth seven years ago and after the death of her husband two years ago, she sold her house in Delhi to her two children and father-in-law. Kukra came with and started living here. At the same time, before marriage, his love affair was going on with Zulfikar, resident of Ahmednagar of Kukra, and after the death of her husband, Kukra came back, again connected with Zulfikar.

At the same time, when Sadhana's brothers came to know about this, they strangled Sadhana to save their honor. After that both of them cremated the dead body. On Thursday, her boyfriend Zulfiqar came to know about this, then he went to New Mandi Kotwali and gave a complaint to the police and filed a murder report against Sonu and Sumit. Now the police have arrested both the brothers in this case and both the accused have also accepted their crime before the police.

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