Modi government amends sexual offenses law against children
Modi government amends sexual offenses law against children

New Delhi: The Modi government of the Center has notified the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, 2020, which will be able to implement the recent amendments in the Act, under which the provisions of punishment for sexual exploitation of children are further tightened. has gone. The new rules mandated police verification of the employee in schools and care centers, the process of reporting sexually abusive material (pornography), provisions for child rights education at the appropriate age.

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According to these rules, state governments have been asked to formulate a child protection policy based on the principle of not tolerating violence against children at all, which should be implemented by all institutions, organizations or other agencies working on children. Will happen. Central and state governments have been instructed to prepare educational material and syllabus according to the age of the children. In which children should be informed about various aspects of personal safety. Along with this, it has also been asked to give information about child helpline services through toll-free number 1098.

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According to the new rules, it will be mandatory for any employee to come in regular contact with children, including schools, crutches, sports academies or any other center for children, to get police verification of every employee. The new POSCO rules have come into force since March 9.

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